first heartache in work

i was a bit sad when i found out my new schedule last monday. i really forgot that last week was alteration week. so students had the chance to change tutors. we get along just fine. i will not stop them if they wanted to change me but they should've given me a clue.

everytime we see each other at the hallways, it made me feel so awkward. i tried so hard to act as if it was nothing to me. but deep inside of me it meant a lot. i wanted to ask them why. but i know i will never be able to. this is how things work in this job.

i must and always will remind myself that i am here to work, and my job is to help and teach not to become their friend. attachment will only lead to another heartache. but how can i avoid it? i could not hide the fact that i am a filipino: kind-hearted and passionate in work.

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