i just wanted to say happy father's day to you papa.

i know i am not that expressive to what i feel. as what mama always says, i am the complete carbon copy of you! hehe.. maybe, that's true but i am a modified type already.

** i don't hold grudge against you for passing your lack of talent in music to me.

** i am happy that i am skilled just like you.

** thank you for the height.

** thank you for the terrific sense of humor that i bestowed from you.

** i still love you even if you won't understand the thought of having a "night life".

** i still love you even if you'll have "videoke" for hours and hours at home. it feels like torture to those who listen.

** i am blessed to have someone like you who never go home drunk.

** i am blessed to have you whose so faithful to mama.

** i am happy to tease you a lot.

** i'm sorry if i was too impatient to teach you about computer.

** i enjoyed having unnecessary fight with you it only means you cared for me.

since i grew up without you by my side, i really don't know much about you. all i know is that you are an important person to me even though i can't personally tell you this.

i love you and i always will.....


catching up

i know i haven't been posting lately. was busy for the past two weeks. i thought being unemployed means a lot of time free. as for me, i was so caught up with lots of personal stuff to do. but at least i wasn't bored yet. my aunt came home last week from her 8month study at AIT in thailand, and all the pasalubong was intended for me. a lot of chocolates and tons of clothes from her travels..hahha..i just can't enough of it. i went super-gaga from seeing the clothes, my aunt told me she could not comprehend most of the style but bought it anyway, trusting i have all the understanding and courage to wear it..haha..she's good though.

and last saturday was jeff''s 21st birthday. he had a small party at home. i love that guy from the bottom of my heart. we shared the same dreaded dream--to become shinigami-..haha..

well, last monday i started my job-hunting adventure. i passed two application forms- one for a general transcriptionist and the other for a Korean english teacher. then, i headed toward excelasia to avail in their free call center training. i passed the initial interview for excelasia and will start my training on june 17. and this morning, i received a text msg from "the general transcriptionist one", i'll be having my exam tomorrow. hayyy..finger's crossed guys, i hope i'll make it. =)

by the way, eventhough was kinda busy lately. i still find time to unwind. i played with the photos i captured during jeff bday...