message to you LOVE

to love:

somewhere in the corner of this world i know you're there. living life the way you think it is. making decisions that somehow changes your life but still leads you to me. i live on the fact that someday we will see each other. that somehow, our roads are intertwined.

there's no need for me to run nor hide. i know i must move forward. its okay to look back at the past as long as it gives me the fuel to move on. but if looking back gives me the reason to overhaul, then i must choose to drive my life at the fastest speed as possible.

i may be a stupid to many and a pitiful to few but its never been my intention to be understood by them. and in my young age, i may only know you for a short period of time and there's still so many things i must know about you, yet i choose to trust and follow my heart. that even if i can't see you, i can't be with you, and i can't even hug and kiss you, you still exist. that your existence in my life may be unseen by others, i dont need them to see, my own eyes is already enough.

so what i'm saying now is see you when i see you. i will not promise anything to you but i will promise everything to myself. i want you now but i know i'm not ready. i still need time to assure that i can be capable of handling everything to you . as we wait for that special day to come, i give you the freedom to taste life and to listen to the music of your heartbeat. and as to me, i will live and enjoy my life to the fullest.

so see you later love, in the right moment and in the right place...... <3