the grip is too tight, i wanted you to let go
seconds left until i leave you
your eyes that i love so much
now i hate with every single tear drop
the words you used to say
now it hurts me more and more this way
tomorrow is unknown
yesterday is already told
all that's left is today
today...the moment you betray me........


the EX effect

love is a cycle full of struggles towards fulfilling the dream of true happiness. when you choose to love someone means taking the risk. it's like gambling at its highest stake. you loose, you win. nothing's definite. everything's unpredictable. that's what i learned and what i called the EX effect...

in another note, while i was stumbling in the net, i found this... DIOSKO!!!!!



my back is so painful today. no, not just my back but my entire body hurts. i had a very fun day today. the rain itself turned to be the highlight of this event.

my childhood friend invited me to her "thanksgiving party", she is now a license pharmacist. congrats bez donna =) ...of course, i was, well all of our friends were ,so proud of her. it was held at a private rest house of her aunt. today is a rainy day but the show must go on. i never planned to go swimming but as we were riding back home, the rain just poured itself so hard.

an invitation i could not care to resist.....

some of the photos before the rain....

i will call it a day guys..i need to rest and sleep...coz' its manic monday tomorrow...

be happy =)


first heartache in work

i was a bit sad when i found out my new schedule last monday. i really forgot that last week was alteration week. so students had the chance to change tutors. we get along just fine. i will not stop them if they wanted to change me but they should've given me a clue.

everytime we see each other at the hallways, it made me feel so awkward. i tried so hard to act as if it was nothing to me. but deep inside of me it meant a lot. i wanted to ask them why. but i know i will never be able to. this is how things work in this job.

i must and always will remind myself that i am here to work, and my job is to help and teach not to become their friend. attachment will only lead to another heartache. but how can i avoid it? i could not hide the fact that i am a filipino: kind-hearted and passionate in work.