the EX effect

love is a cycle full of struggles towards fulfilling the dream of true happiness. when you choose to love someone means taking the risk. it's like gambling at its highest stake. you loose, you win. nothing's definite. everything's unpredictable. that's what i learned and what i called the EX effect...

in another note, while i was stumbling in the net, i found this... DIOSKO!!!!!


  1. waah!nawindang naman ako masyado dun sa note na un,grabe!anyway,tama ka dun sa sinabi mo bout love it is definitely a gamble you will never know if you will win or you will lose, but every game you will learned something that you can use for the next game..Ü

  2. That's incest!! kadiri! (dun sa note)

  3. @ superjaid: but sometimes we are so stubborn to use what we learn for the next game..hehe..

    @ drake: uu..grabe kadiri talaga yung tatay..ang bastos...

  4. nakalimutan ko yung website..parang dun nga..hehe..


your words would always spice up my life =)